VaccinationsGuiden & VaccUp!

  • Professional vaccination advice to all the countries of the world
  • Your given and planned vaccinations are registered in the national vaccination journal, RiksVaccin (see info below)*
  • Add your own notes about previous vaccinations
  • Receive reminders about your next vaccination
  • See your child’s vaccinations (only registered as guardian** in RiksVaccin)
  • The service costs SEK 25 including VAT for one year
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VaccUp! is a service developed by VaccinationsGuiden AB

The complete service costs SEK 25 including VAT, and it applies for one year. Of course, your own vaccination notes will always remain even if you want to suspend the service and use it again some other year in the future.
VaccUp! stores and processes your personal information in accordance with the PDA (Personal Data Act) and logging in is done via Mobile Bank ID / Bank ID, which means that your information is well protected.

If you would like a no-cost journal excerpt, you must contact the clinic through which you are vaccinated. Bring your ID to a personal visit! For confidentiality reasons, vaccination information is not issued by telephone, e-mail etc.

* RiksVaccin is a national vaccination journal used by many clinics in Sweden. The journal makes it possible for the vaccinating clinic, with your consent, to see what you have received from other clinics that use the journal. If you vaccinate yourself at clinics that do not use the journal, of course you will not be able to see the vaccinations you received there, but on the other hand, you are fully able to make your own notes and to gather all your previous vaccinations in VaccUp. Moreover, we are continually working toward a more complete presentation of all your vaccines administered in Sweden.

** In order to see your childrens (under 18) vaccinations in VaccUp! you must be registered as the guardian in the national vaccination journal, RiksVaccin. Contact your vaccination clinic for help in this regard!